Description: 0.5mm Pitch Non-ZIF Connector for FFC
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This 0.5mm pitch Non-ZIF connector features a single sided contact construction that not only allows for the FFC/FPC to be easily inserted but also enables the connector to offer superior electrical performance.

Further more, this top and side entry SMT connector incorporates reinforcement solder tabs at each end of the connector that facilitate adhesion to the PCB and prevent the connector from distorting during FFC/FPC insertion/withdrawal cycles.





  • Heat resistant design suitable for surface mounting

The housing is made of heat resistant resin to allow reflow soldering.

  • One-sided contact construction

Though the insertion force is low, with its unique contact construction, the FY connector retains stable contact performance.

  • Solder tabs

This connector also features reinforcing solder tabs to prevent lifting of the connector during mating and unmating.

  • Embossed tape for automatic mounting

Supplied in embossed tape packaging for mounting by automatic placement machines.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

TUV R50006970

  • RoHS Compliant