Description: 2.5mm Pitch Board-in Crimp Style
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This 2.5mm (.098") pitch multi-circuit board-in connector meets the needs for high-density mounting on printed circuit boards efficiently and economically.

The connector can be used for VCRs, car stereo systems, audio products, and many other consumer-oriented electronic products.  





  • Housing lances

The lances on the resilient housing ensure easy and secure insertion into the housing.

  • Secure mounting on printed circuit boards

The solder tail of the contact has a compliant retention feature, making insertion into printed circuit boards easy, and ensuring secure mounting.

  • Two types of contacts

Type A

The compliant solder tail of this contact is split in two for greater deflection. This promotes easy insertion and secure mounting on printed circuit boards.

Type B

The two halves of the compliant solder tail are joined at the tip. This additional support provides a sturdy pin that resists deformation during shipping and handling.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812 

  • RoHS Compliant