PC Card Connector C Type

Description: PCMCIA Card Connector C Type (1.25mm Pitch)
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Socket and header which have 68 double-row circuits, conforming to PCMCIA (USA) and JEIDA Ver.4.1 (Japan).

Type I cards, type II cards, and type III cards, can be used. The socket contact has two contact points, which provides low insertion force and high contact reliability. (10,000 mating cycles is guaranteed.)

Header pins are designed to be protected against static electricity.




  • Easy inspection and touch-up after reflow soldering

The SMT type header is 0.635mm(.025")pitch, with single row solder tails positioned so that inspection and touch-up after reflow soldering is easy.

  • Socket

Two mounting methods, dual row straddle type and in line SMT type with variation of PC board offset distance. Newly lined up springy grounding pin type socket provides easy but stable grounding circuit connection between PC board to metal section of card frame by springy No.1 and No.35 grounding pins.

  • Applicable to low-voltage (3.3V) card

Headers for type III cards have a groove to be applicable to the low-voltage (3.3V) cards.

  • Standards

UL Recognized E60389

CSA Certified LR20812

  • RoHS Compliant