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Ring Terminals

Ring terminals are available for a large range of wire and stud sizes and non-insulated with a butted or brazed seam, or insulated in either PVC or Nylon.

Please browse our range of Ring Terminals below.

Large Current Applicable Connector - one touch connecting type
Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Copper Sleeve-Straight) Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Copper Sleeve-Straight)
Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve, straight entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nylon-Flared)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nylon-Flared))
Nylon-insulated,  flared entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nylon-Straight)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nylon-Straight))
Nylon-insulated, straight entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (90 Bend)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (90 Bend))
Non-insulated, bent at 90 degrees
Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nickel)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (Nickel))
Non-insulated, of nickel, straight entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (Heavy Duty)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (Heavy Duty))
Non-insulated, heavy duty, straight entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Copper Sleeve-Flared)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Copper Sleeve-Flared))
Vinyl-insulated with copper sleeve, flared entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-X Funnel)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-X Funnel))
Vinyl-insulated, X type funnel-entry
Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Flared)) Ring Terminal (R-Type (PVC-Flared))
Vinyl-insulated, flared entry
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